A teenager sat in the Waterstones in Kingston upon Thames. Amid the self-help and psychology books, he was searching a way to make sense of what he was feeling. He read books about the Bible, the i-ching, astrology, and How To books in the feeling that between the pages there were some answers to his question: why am I the way I am?

That boy, me, gained some insights but certainly didn’t come away with all the answers. Decades passed before he was able to reconnect with those questions. Meanwhile, his love of language flourished. Through the books of Dale Carnegie and Noam Chomsky, I understood how the spoken and written word could influence the thoughts and ideas of others. How it shifted our thoughts and belief of our capability, of our potential.

Between these two areas: the power of language, and the questions around self-ness (and a few life changes) I discovered coaching. A means to alter and assist someone to not only reframe their negative thinking but gain some insight into their own patterns of behaviour. This ignited a passion to help others, to assist those who felt, as I had years before, at a loss to know how to handle problems, how to unpack who they were, and begin to gain more insight into patterns of relating.

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