Did School Fail You?

Did You Fail School, or School Fail You?

I’ve seen this in so many pupils. They have a fire, they have a knowledge yet when they don’t meet the education standards they label themselves as failures. I’ve worked with a boy who in his spare time was fixing up cars and selling them on. Education was not working out for him and he had defined himself as a failure, headed to not succeed. Quickly we identified that this little business (that made profit on each car) was defining him as an entrepreneur. We worked on what his dream car was and we worked out the steps, the ladder, to get there. Soon enough, as you can imagine, he began to redefine who he was and how that even if education wasn’t his best fit, he could begin to build his dream life.

Even at the simplest level, teenagers I’ve known are aware that to earn the money that affords them their ideal lifestyle they have to be self-employed. To find out more about that click here for my previous post: The £35 Million-a-week Pupil

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