Self-Esteem for Younger Children

Author: Ben Jackson

This is a short and snappy way to help raise or improve your child’s self-esteem. I’ve written before about developing older children’s system, and there’s even a board game I use to help 8yrs+. But what about your younger child? Well, here’s a great way to ramp up your child’s self-esteem, get them to be creative and give you the chance to get some quality fun time together.

Hero Crowns

Hero crowns help your child recognise their best qualities.The principle remains the same regardless of the age: get them to notice, acknowledge and own all their amazing skills, talents and abilities. It’s a great chance fo
r you to engage and celebrate with them too.

Often children can be critical of themselves, developing mindsets that leave them upset, frustrated and lacking desire to participate. Whilst this activity won’t eradicate these internal criticisms, it will go toward helping them put some balance back.

For this, you’ll need:
  • A paper plate
  • Pens
  • Paint, glitter, stickers or anything they’d like to decorate their crown –
    get as creative as you like!

To make the crown, take a paper plate and cut segments as you would slice pizza. make sure you leave enough space for the rim of the plate to be the brim of the crown.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 14.03.47Extension: You may like to may 2-3, 1 can be for home, one for school, one for a particular activity they enjoy.

Talk with them about their best qualities, things they like about themselves. For each quality they mention, write down a word or sentence on each slice of the crown. Be led by your child. Be open to whatever they may come up with and non-judgmentally support them.
Using all your creative skills, to
gether decorate their crowns in any way they wish.
Once they crown is finished you can ask them to wear it, perhaps create a crowning ceremony. Keep it light, fun and relaxed.




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About the Author
Ben Jackson is the founder of The Parent and Pupil Coach delivering behavioural change programmes for 10–16 year olds. He coaches for leadership and transition for career parents and is regularly contributing to webinars and articles. You can connect with him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and LinkedIn.


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